Thursday, 22 October 2009


Please comment this post if you are interested and I will comment you back on here.
If you are not in the UK, I will ship to other countries, please let me know where you are though!
as the shipping price is different. x

we all need bear hugs necklace (one of a kind)
price - £8
shipping within UK - £2


  1. I am interested in buying, "the other" if five pounds (or, 8 american dollars for me) for both necklaces?

  2. oh my gosh these are amazing!!!! You are so talented
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  3. mermaid - do you want to buy 'the other' necklace?
    yes it's $8 and £3 to ship to the US, so that's $5 to send, which is $13.. please can you explain what you meant when you said 'both necklaces'?

  4. Well, the necklace looks as if it is a friendship necklace...and I was wondering if the price was just for one half, or for both♥

  5. just one, if you want the other half, with the matching key, it's another £5 but together cheaper shipping price.. I'll do both for $21, I'll give you free shipping for the 2nd necklace. xx

  6. OKay! I was wondering if I can make the transaction on friday...that is when I will be able to have the money. If you can wait until then, i very much wish to purchase both for $21♥

  7. thats fine sugar, I'll hold it till friday, also do you want the bow on the matching key too? x

  8. yes please♥
    and just to confirm, it is $21 plus shipping? or is the $21 including shipping?
    I would just like the grand total, is all♥

  9. oh how ever so delightful! I will be using my mothers paypal account, and will give you the details this friday♥
    thank you ever so much, i am ever excited♥

  10. I have the money now(:
    I just need to know how to work this paypal stuff♥ please get back with me as soon as possible♥

  11. ok sugar, please give me your email and I'll get back to you with all the details. x

  12. I adore your work.
    Would it be possible for you to make some fairy lockets?
    Or Alice in Wonderland?

  13. yes I will be making more items to sell... it really does depend on what I feel like making as I don't just sell necklaces. I garantee I will make something fairy and something alice in wonderland. Just keep checking back. x

  14. Hello, I do not agree with the previous commentator - not so simple