Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Japanese cotton peter pan

I made this dress with a sewing machine.
Lightweight peach striped dress, two pockets,
has a peter pan collar and three brown buttons.
This dress does not have a underskirt.

UK size - 6-12
loose on a size 6-8 and and size 10-12 is fitted.

This is a one of a kind.
I will not be making this dress again.

asking price - £25
shipping within UK - £3
shipping international - £4


  1. yes! i'm so glad i made it.
    so, i checked online and found that it's $43 (plus shipping) when converted to u.s. dollars from euros.
    i hope i'm right.

    well, i'm interested because i'm so in love with this dress.

  2. Oh I am sorry sugar, it's $48 including shipping when converted, I do not work in Euros, I am from England, we use Great British Pounds. x

  3. ohh!
    oh no, please don't be sorry.
    i'm the one who should be apologizing now. the dress is so beautiful, but i checked my bank account and realized that i'm kind of short on money at the moment, sadly.
    i hope someone else will find this lovely dress. :)
    thanks for letting me know, though.
    you're the sweetest.

  4. It's alright, don't worry, thankyou anyways sugar! x

  5. that dress is so beautiful! i love it! so cute. xx

  6. This is so pretty! Your creations are so inspiring. I wish I had enough money for it! xxx

  7. Thisdress is so cute, but I've fell in love with the one below (L)
    Maybe this christmas I try to buy you something :)

  8. Your dresses are just lovely. You are really talented, i mean it.

    I'm following you;)

  9. hello dearest(:
    I received the package today! i was ever so delighted at how beautiful the necklaces are. Thank you so much for the tea, I have been really wanting to stray away from my normal strawberry and earl grey for quite some time now♥
    again, thank you so much, lovely♥