Sunday, 10 January 2010

lace and layers knitted cardigan

This is a handmade knitted cardigan with a fully laced collar. It fits 8/10/12. All these sizes are nicely fitted as I have tried them on three sized mannequins and the cardigan looks just fine on all of them. If you would like a photo of how it looks on your size please let me know...

asking price - £25
this item is shipped first class.
shipping within UK - £3
International - £5


  1. I look up to you so much... You're insanely creative and make the loveliest things, yet you don't have the conceited attitude of someone who knows that what she does is great. I love it, I love you and your creativity, and I love this cardigan.

  2. This is so lovely!
    You're incredibly gifted :)


  3. You have very cute and sweet style <3